Easy Ways to Squeeze Fitness Into Your Day

Whether you’re sitting behind your desk or at a table, you can sneak in a few workouts. Do chair triceps dips, chair squats, or stretches while you’re at your desk. There’s no need to sacrifice your Netflix binge or work productivity. Try performing these exercises three times a day, for at least 15 minutes apiece.

To make time for exercise, you must find time to fit it into your busy schedule. Try to find opportunities to incorporate them into your daily activities. Instead of taking the elevator, walk the escalator. Park far away from the entrance of the parking lot. Walk your dog or kids further. You can also make two trips to the grocery store instead of one. If you’re in the mood to exercise, you can even dance while you clean the house.

To stay motivated, set a reminder on your phone to exercise. Setting an alarm will remind you to exercise. If you’re too busy to do your workouts, you can download an app for the Netflix service to keep yourself motivated. You can also download the app on your phone and watch your favorite TV shows in the gym. That way, you’ll be reminded of your workout even when you’re in the middle of a busy day.

The best time to squeeze exercise into your day is before you go to work. It’s important to get up at an earlier time than normal, especially if you’re not used to being up that early. It’s natural to hit the snooze button several times before you actually get up, but once you do it, your body will thank you for waking up earlier. And the benefits don’t stop there.

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