Will God Let Us Have Fun in Heaven?

There is an interesting debate going on about whether or not God will allow us to have fun in heaven. Neuroscientists and philosophers alike are debating this issue. One recent study estimates that ninety-eight percent of Heaven’s inhabitants are infants and toddlers. Because human reproduction is a funnel, most fertilized eggs die before they implant or self-abort. Likewise, most babies and little kids will die before they reach maturity. According to Greg S. Paul, there are about 350 billion people in Heaven. However, 98 percent of them will die before they reach maturity.

Several passages in the Bible indicate that heaven will allow for physical and spiritual enjoyment. Psalm 16:11 speaks of physical and spiritual pleasure in God’s presence. Other passages imply that all human faculties will be active in heaven. Some Christian scholars have written books that discuss the nature of sexuality in heaven. Some Christians believe that it is acceptable to have sexual intercourse with God in heaven.

One of the most compelling arguments for this position is that the new earth will be filled with joy and happiness. There will be no pain, no sorrow, no tears. The new earth promises happiness and bliss for all people, including the unbelievers. And the truth is, the happiness in heaven is in Jesus alone. And that’s why it is such a compelling argument. In short, God won’t let us be bored in heaven.

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